what is saucy?
Saucy is the most diverse universe for everyone.
​Saucy is the universe that revolves around diversity. It is the only place in the world where everyone is truly welcome. How is this possible? Through sectors aka categories (technology, health, social, culture, etc.). Also, by being the largest community.


Sectors are like categories, and each sector has products associated with it. To view the sectors Saucy offers, check out all of the different plans on the join page.

Saucy has several communities you can join under the Saucy Plus plan. However, no matter what plan you sign up for, you will receive access to the main community, Saucy Universe. Saucy Universe is part of the Saucy Basic plan, and has 2,400+ chat rooms. It is the world's largest chat room and community.

What does it mean to be Saucy?
To be Saucy means to have a mind that flows like sauce, neither rigid in shape nor direction. With a strong foundation on diversity, Saucy is the most diverse, positive, loving community in the world.
Without diversity, it is impossible to have positivity or love. Diversity is king. Saucy shows diversity through sectors and through its diverse community of people.

Mission Statement
"Support diversity. Think positively. Love unconditionally."

Business Details
Business Type: Sole Proprietorship
Pricing Models: Subscription, Retail, Donations, Others

All Products
To view products Saucy offers, visit the
Saucy Store.
why join saucy?
Cheap Prices: What if I told you, for the same $15/month you pay for a subscription to Neflix, you could have access to 20+ other products? You receive a huge discount for many products here at Saucy.

Sectors: Think of each sector as an interest or personality. Different sectors appeal to different types of people. Sectors are a way to make people feel welcome at Saucy, and to ensure that everyone has a place here.

Sectors are used to organize Saucy. They are the blue&red outlined white text under each plan. As the world's largest community, Saucy has to stay committed to being the most diverse place in the universe, which it does by appealing to all types of people through different sectors.

Community: Saucy has many Slack communities you can be a part of, believing in the true power of community to make a positive change in the world.

Slack is the official platform for Saucy to allow the community to interact with each other. Saucy is built with a strong foundation on diversity, which all starts with the power of community. There are many Slack groups in Saucy Social (part of Saucy Plus plan).
You can easily switch between Slack groups through the web/mobile app.​

Stacked Subscriptions: You will receive all subscriptions above the subscription you choose.
Ex: Purchase Saucy Plus, and get access to Saucy Plus and Saucy Basic.

Quick Payments:
Stripe is the official payment processor for Saucy. Using the Stripe API, paying for a subscription is easier than ever before. Just enter your card details into the secure form, and you're done. It's that simple.

Vision: Saucy has a bright vision to change the world forever through the true power of diversity. The vision is realized through its CEO, a self-made entrepreneur with self-realized dreams and aspirations, and a mind of innovation.
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